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About Me

Chad Comstock - Owner of Rudy Designs
I have over ten years of web design experience!

My name is Chad Comstock and I am Rudy Designs. I started Rudy Designs as a playground for my web ideas. It's now my side business and still my playground! I am a Web Developer with Graphic Design expertise. I create sharp, appealing, and creative websites which comply with the latest web standards.

I design websites with Adobe Photoshop™ and create them using Adobe Dreamweaver™. I use the latest web techniques including HTML5, Javascript and CSS3. My focus now is to create responsive websites that react to different browsers and screen sizes - including mobile devices.


Since Rudy Designs is just my side business, I try not to take on too big of projects. If you plan on budgeting $500 to $5,000 for your project then I would love to talk to you. Any larger site and I probably can't provide enough time and energy for your project.


A typical timeline for my projects is somewhere around a few weeks to a few months, from start to finish. If I have more time on my hands and my schedule is not to demanding, I might be able to work with tighter deadlines. The best design projects are the result of a creative ongoing dialogue and multiple iterations. Without a good communication process the end product is often not everything it could be.