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    We create responsive web sites that adapt to various screen sizes including: smart phones, tablets and desktops.Rudy Designs iPhone5

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    Every web developer should pay close attention to detail, but they don't. We take pride in making sure every pixel is placed where it should be.

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    Web sites are meant to be informative, eye-catching and helpful. We are inspired by great designs.

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    We use the latest web standards to display your web site properly. Including: HTML5, jQuery and CSS3.
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Rudy Designs develops custom, responsive web sites that can be viewed on many different devices. A successful web site design can be achieved if it has user-friendly content, attractive images, professional look & feel, unique concepts and is easy accessible. The colors, textures, shapes and other creative ideas of the custom web site designing process must be skillfully developed by web designers. We are very experienced and professional in every approach and the final output will be highly appealing and attractive.

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Latest Work

Visit SiteDorris Designs was founded in 2008 by artist Eric Dorris and his wife Jennifer. Eric is described as a super realism artist who has a passion for sports, and tries to portray this passion with his pencil and paper. Eric has won awards for his sports art and has been showcased in many charity and fund raising events to help raise money for worthy causes. Dorris Designs is starting to establish some clientele and has also done some custom work for a few athletes and military departments. In the future, Eric hopes to push his art to the limit by continuing to be even more creative and getting more public awareness so that everyone will be able to enjoy his art.

Dorris Designs

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Pixel Precision

With every web site we make, we focus on where every pixel should be. There are many web designers who will put together a website without focusing on the smallest details. We create sharp, crisp web sites that users enjoy.

Responsive Design

We are inspired by the new trend of responsive web design. Since many devices can be used to view a web site (desktops, tablets, cell phones, etc.), it can be a challenge to make a web site look correct on each device. Unil now! Rudy Designs can make your web site user- and device-friendly, so contact us today!

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